2021 Year in Review - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

2021 Year in Review

This past year has uncovered some exciting opportunities to help us better serve our customers. We’ve seen a shift in the way sellers interact with buyers. The B2B buyer’s journey is becoming more digital – creating the need for better technologies, analytics, and insights to discover what is—and is not—working within your sales and marketing efforts.

In 2021, we saw some key areas where win loss analysis can help organizations like yours further increase win rates and revenue including:

The Need for Sales Experience Analytics

With the buyer’s journey shifting to a digital experience, sales reps have less time than ever with your buyers. In this shortened window of seller and buyer interaction, reps are still expected to demonstrate value, build trust, and close deals with buyers at the same rate. This creates a critical need for sales teams to understand what is working and what is not during the sales experience. We’ve created additional resources to educate sales teams on how to best utilize buyer feedback to understand:
  • What’s most important to their buyers when making a purchase decision
  • The rep-specific reasons for wins and losses
  • How they compare to competitors in the eyes of their buyers.
Win loss analysis is expanding outside of marketing’s jurisdiction, and we expect that an automated win loss platform will become an invaluable part of every revenue team’s tech stack in the years to come.

Expansion into Sales Enablement and Coaching

Because TruVoice allows you to collect buyer feedback for more of your rep’s deals, sales leaders and coaches can get a holistic view into each individual rep’s win loss reasons. This provides opportunities for personalized sales coaching and better sales enablement. We’ve recognized the need and opportunity that sales coaches have, and we are working to provide resources to help coaches better utilize buyer feedback to uncover each rep’s unique path to winning.

Competitive Intelligence

The need for sellers to understand their competitive advantage, differentiate their solution, and speak confidently to competitive claims during buyer discussions has become prevalent in the shift to a digital buying experience. We’ve focused on providing the resources, technology, and competitive intelligence data needed for sellers to better position their solution and win more competitive deals.

Focus on Automation and Technology

With more sales intelligence tools popping up daily, it can be hard for organizations to know which technologies will create the most ROI and provide the most impactful insights. We’ve put a focus on better integrations between TruVoice and your CRM to create a seamless experience for gathering buyer feedback. We’ve also focused on creating a better user experience within our platform so our clients can easily see, share, and utilize insights from their buyer feedback to know how to increase win rates.

Supporting your Program from Start to Finish

In 2021, we’ve created more resources and support avenues to help you get the most from your win loss program, and we’ll continue to improve support over the next year. We’ve fine-tuned the role of our CSMs to give you a dedicated resource focused on bringing you insights each week that answer the burning questions you have around your marketing and sales strategies. Our reporting consultants have taken measures to ensure each report is completely tailored to your business needs. We’ve invested in top talent for marketing, customer success, scheduling, analysis, and technology to give you the best experience and ROI.

Product Updates

Overall User Experience Update
We updated and modernized the overall user experience of our TruVoice platform to improve performance and help you see insights quickly and easily.
See full release article: Read More

Battlecards UX Update
We updated the UX within our Battlecards module to improve its functionality and user experience.
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Activity Digests
We released our Activity Digests feature allowing users to receive an automated activity digest on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.
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Security & Privacy
We leveled up our security and privacy practices and obtained our SOC 2 Type 2 certification validating and verifying that we deliver the highest level of security and guarantee your valuable data is safe and protected.
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We introduced integrations with Slack and MS Teams improving the communication options available for your voice of the buyer programs.

Reporting & Delivery Updates

Empowering Decision Making Our customers clamor for insights that empower leaders to make data-driven decisions. To address this need we have:
  1. Included key stakeholder interviews to surface the “burning questions” our clients need answered and implemented the best data collection methods to answer these questions.
  2. Created a new job role, Report Consultant, that is equal parts project manager and storyteller. The intention of this role is to bring additional value by surfacing insights that spark discussion and action. A Report Consultant’s guiding principles are the 4 C’s:
    • Commit to helping the client
    • Care for the client
    • Curiosity
    • Constant learning
  3. Reworked our entire aggregate report building process and methodology. The biggest changes involve the creation of 4 distinct report types to better align with customer needs. These report types are:
    • Burning Question Report – Answering the top 1-3 burning questions from the stakeholders
    • Win Formula Report – Answering how your pricing, solution, sales experience, and company attributes drive buyer decisions and revealing a formula for increased wins
    • Trend Report – Explores interval data to surface insights and trends
    • Infographic / Mini-report – Single data point insights used to drive discussion
  4. Incorporated the principles found in the book “Everyday Business Storytelling” summed up in the belief: “Data wrapped in a well-crafted story in unstoppable.” There are five key elements we strive to the stories we attempt to tell:
    • Setting – This builds critical focus.
    • Character – Surfaces how buyers experience buying from you.
    • Conflict – This gives the audience a reason to care and addresses the idea that only known problems can be managed.
    • Resolution – Next steps to drive action.
    • The Big Idea – The one thing the audience needs to remember, because they won’t remember everything.

More Resources for Our Clients

We’ve put additional focus on creating resources to help our clients better utilize their win loss insights to increase win rates. We’re grateful to you, our clients, who we had the pleasure of working with in 2021. We’ll continue breaking through the barriers of traditional win loss analysis to provide you with the best service, technology, and data to help you succeed.

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