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15 Signs Your Win Loss Program is Best-in-Class

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15 Signs Your Win Loss Program is Best-in-Class

Implementing and running a Win Loss program is the best way to improve your top line revenue. But how do you know if yours is succeeding or not? At Primary Intelligence, we often talk about “The 1% Club”, those select programs that are following known program best practices to ensure they have the strongest possible program. Here are 15 signs of a best-in-class program worthy of The 1% Club.



You began with the end in mind.Your program is focused on an outcome. All processes, data points, and resources are tailored to meet that needed result.



Everyone in your organization understands the process and purpose of Win Loss Analysis. There is clear communication throughout the organization. There is buy-in from the top down.



You are masterful at buyer outreach. You know who to reach out to and when. You receive a warm hand-off from sales and personalize the outreach. You know how often you are successful (or not) at gaining participation, and make adjustments accordingly.



You are collecting feedback from the right types of sales opportunities. There is a healthy mix of wins and losses. The opportunities were closed within the past six months and cover a range of deal types. At least two opportunities per sales rep are analyzed.



You collect both qualitative and quantitative buyer feedback. Buyer discussions uncover how the decision was made, who was considered, and how each option compared. It is clear why the decision was made and what the winner did differently.



You uncover root causes. You ask the deal team what they did that caused the buyer’s perceptions. The feedback is specific and actionable.



You analyze findings and deliver executive-ready insights. Your findings are focused, precise, and actionable. You can back up your findings with details, but don’t get lost in the weeds.



You provide the organization with real-time access to the intelligence. All departments can see insights in a self-service portal, shared document site, email updates, or other mechanism.



Your program is consistent and reliable. Insights are accurate and are delivered frequently. The organization can depend on your program to hear the pulse of the market.



You collect feedback on the program. You check in with stakeholders to understand how the program is helping (or not helping) with their critical decisions. You ask for suggestions for improvement. You ensure there is continued buy-in.



Your sales team is all in. The team calls to ask your advice on how to approach a current opportunity, based on Win Loss findings. They actively send deals to analyze. They enthusiastically participate in debrief meetings and insight discussions because they see how Win Loss will improve their ability to close new deals.



Your marketing team is all in. They create case studies and buyer personas from Win Loss interviews. They seek out the feedback to refine positioning, messaging, and to understand how to generate leads.



Your product team is all in. They seek out the feedback to understand how their product is perceived, where to improve, and which new product opportunities are available. They make changes in packaging, pricing, and features based on the insights.



Your executive leadership is all in. Win Loss insights are discussed frequently at executive meetings. The team seeks new intelligence to make strategic and tactical decisions. They know where to take action, thanks to the program, and do it quickly. They actively promote the program internally.



Your sales win rate has increased as a result of the program. You actively monitor the impact and relay it to the organization. You keep everyone focused on this needed result.

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