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In honor of Primary Intelligence’s 15th anniversary, we’re sharing 15 of our favorite items across 15 topics.

It’s like 225 birthday gifts for you, from us.

15 Favorite “Feedback Inc.” Cartoons

We try not to take ourselves too seriously, especially when dealing with the challenges faced by effective sales, marketing, and product leaders. Our Feedback Inc. business comic strip, created by our Art Director Mark Larson, captures our best stories with a dash of humor and splash of color. Mark selected these 15 cartoons as his favorite so far.

Paper Addict

Paper Addict - Feedback Inc.

I have tremendous respect for sales professionals who are tasked with relentlessly pursuing relationships with people who either do or don’t want to communicate with them. That being said, it seems that many reps use email attachments, flyers, sales sheets, etc. as a crutch that they hope will push a purchase decision to its conclusion.


The Spy

Feedback Inc. - The Spy

In our efforts to get honest feedback, sometimes we may do it in, let’s just say, less than scrupulous ways.


Sample Size

Feedback Inc. - Sample Size

When the problem is obvious, you don’t need a committee or a consensus to begin the solution.


Software Update

Feedback Inc. - Software Update

We certainly understand that software updates sometimes have under-the-hood fixes that aren’t readily apparent.
Still, as a user, we have all faced this scenario.


The Honeymoon

Feedback Inc. - The Honeymoon

Doesn’t every new job feel like this?


The Line Up

Feedback Inc. - The Customer Line Up

If your company and solutions can’t be easily distinguished from your competitors, you are part of a nameless, faceless crowd.



Feedback Inc. - Trust

A discount is an easy rebuttal to concerns, but it only solves a narrow slice of issues.



Feedback Inc. - Sarcasm

I’m a sarcastic guy, so I have to love this one.


Know Thy Audience

Feedback Inc. - Know Your Audience

I just find “Curious George is a commie” is a funny line.



Feedback Inc. - Explanation

Sometimes “Yes” and “No” are the best answers.


The Quota

Feedback Inc. - Quota

Expectations can loom so large they prevent us from focusing on the task at hand.


It’s Always Price

Feedback Inc. - price

Convenient excuse. Rarely the true reason.


Miley Rocks!

Feedback Inc. - Miley

Miley ROCKS!


It’s Not Just Numbers

Feedback Inc. - numbers

Problems aren’t just the statistical representation.



Feedback Inc. - Statisticts

Lies, damn lies, and statistics…


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