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Fully Automated
Win-Loss Analysis

Take the guesswork out of winning.

Uncover your unique path to winning more deals through win-loss analysis powered by automated, unbiased feedback directly from your buyers.

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Optimize Your Customer Journey

TruVoice is a purpose-built platform for win-loss, customer experience, and churn analysis.

We gather feedback throughout the entire customer journey as win rates are impacted by touchpoints throughout – not just the initial purchase.


Buyer feedback, but make it scalable.

Through automated win-loss analysis, we collect, analyze, and compile your first-hand buyer feedback from all your deals into digestible dashboards and reports. Discover actionable insights around sales experience, decision-drivers, product, go-to-market positioning, and competitors – overall and by segment.

Experience the only fully automated win-loss analysis tool on the market.

TruVoice makes Win-Loss Analysis easy:

Close Deals

Close a deal in your CRM – won or lost – to begin the exploration into your deal outcomes without interrupting your rep’s selling activities.

Get Feedback

Send automated requests to buyers that gather feedback on sales experience, decision-drivers, product, price, and more. 

Discover Insights

Automatically compile feedback into digestible reports so you can see exactly why your reps win and lose.

Win More

Uncover strengths and weaknesses only your buyers can see to help your reps know how to win more.

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22+ Years of Win-Loss Analysis

For over 20 years, we’ve helped businesses break through the barriers of traditional win-loss analysis to create a seamless, affordable, and intuitive solution for understanding buyer needs. Through time-tested survey methods, automated processes, and expertise, we’ve helped hundreds of clients increase win rates.

Who We Help


  • Align all departments
  • Understand market and revenue trends
  • Surpass profitability goals

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  • Increase win rates and revenue
  • Customize sales coaching per rep
  • Improve sales experience

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  • Enable sales and product
  • Improve market positioning
  • Understand competitive advantage

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  • Increase product impact on buyer needs
  • Develop effective product roadmap to fit customer needs
  • Understand true value of features

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Customer Experience

  • Build better relationships with customers
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Increase account revenue and better predict renewal

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  • Improve sales and marketing operations
  • Automate analysis and reporting
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative insights

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