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Your buyers are willing to tell you why they are making the decisions that win and lose business for your organization. By going to the source, you discover what is working within your sales pipe as well as what is not working, and why.

Win Loss Analysis uncovers what you need to do to win more business in all future opportunities. Explore guaranteed results.

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We’ve got you covered! Discover how Win Loss amplifies your sales and marketing efforts, validates processes, simplifies strategy and gathers invaluable competitive intelligence for organizations just like yours.

We had about a 20% win rate for large deals…this year we finished with a 70% win rate.
—VP Business Development, Enterprise business services company

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Our end-to-end services drive meaningful and measurable results for your business. We know how to lead discussions with buyers and create actionable findings. And we’ll also help with services you don’t even realize you need yet, like rolling out the program to your company and debriefing your sales team on the findings.

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Powerful Software

When the task at hand is hearing the voice of your buyers, the right tools are essential. Primary Intelligence’s programs are powered by TruVoice™, a proprietary software suite founded on the best practices from the BuyerVoice Framework. TruVoice is for all the people at your organization who need instant access to the voice of the buyer—executives, sales, marketing, product management, and operations.

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"We just felt anyone could ask questions in the same way, but at the end of the day we could do a whole lot more with the information that was collected through Primary Intelligence than with the other vendors we looked at."
—Director, Market Insights,
Health Insurance Organization
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Buyer Experience Feedback

In order to succeed, you not only need to know what worked and what didn’t in your sales opportunities; you need to know why they worked (or didn’t), so that you can use this information to ensure success in the future. To achieve this understanding you must perform win loss analysis. Win loss analysis is a comprehensive solution that analyzes the buyer’s experience with your company, your sales team and sales process, the buyer’s evaluation of your solution, the pricing of your solution, and how you compared with the other vendors they evaluated (your competitors). A properly implemented program will reveal the major initiatives the buyer was trying to address in their purchase decision, their identified success factors, and any barriers they encountered during their evaluation.

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Proven Methodology

Transform your sales, marketing, and product efforts by leveraging the world’s leading win loss analysis solution that has a framework of 96 best practices at its foundation. The best practices that make up the framework are the result of more than 15 years of win loss analysis experience working for hundreds of companies—from small businesses to the world’s largest enterprises—in more than 30 industries.

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Qualitative + Quantitative

Primary Intelligence’s win loss analysis methodology includes gathering quantitative performance data prior to the telephone discussion with the buyer. Combining the qualitative data with the quantitative data provides the most comprehensive and complete view of how each individual purchase decision was made and ensures identification of the major win and loss factors.

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Interview Experts

Uncovering the real purchase decision factors and gathering actionable intelligence to the questions asked in telephone interviews with buyers is a surprisingly complex and nuanced skill. These are complex conversations with amazing potential for uncovering intelligence that can truly make a difference in nearly every area of the enterprise. Primary Intelligence’s consultants have years of experience completing thousands of interviews with buyers about complex evaluations and purchase decisions.

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Verbatim Transcripts

Primary Intelligence provides a complete transcript of every buyer interview we complete for you. We have seen that there is an average of 8 to 10 tactical actions that can and should be taken for every interview completed in a win loss analysis program. Having the transcript for each interview allows our clients to take action at the individual opportunity level, something that wouldn’t be possible if they were looking at just the aggregated interview data.

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Hear Your Buyers

Recording win loss analysis conversations with buyers is a best practice, as it allows you to focus on the discussion rather than trying to capture what the buyer is saying while they’re saying it. In fact, it’s a worst practice to capture your buyer’s qualitative feedback in any other way. With TruVoice, it only takes one click to really hear the voice of your buyer.

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Decision Factors Revealed

Use our win loss analysis services and software to know why you are winning and why you are losing. At its core, win loss analysis is about uncovering the criteria, influencers, and factors that are driving your buyers’ decisions. Primary Intelligence consultants have years of experience conducting expert interviews with thousands of buyers uncovering the factors that had a major impact, minor impact, and no impact on buyers’ decisions.

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Every Interview Analyzed

Every completed interview is analyzed by your dedicated Program Analyst to identify and classify the key intelligence uncovered in the interview. Each discovered insight is classified, categorized, and summarized, and the collection of identified insights is compiled together to create the Profile Overview. This becomes the summary of the opportunity that users can quickly review for the key insight and major decision factors identified in the interview.

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Actionable Intelligence

Discovering important and actionable insight is routine in a properly implemented win loss analysis program. However, if that insight is not used, or if action is not taken on the insight, then sales, marketing, and product efforts will remain unchanged and an opportunity for improving competitive advantage is missed. TruVoice makes it easy for our customers to take action on their data with our integrated action items functionality that allows them to identify, assign, track, discuss, and resolve risks and opportunities as they are discovered.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Your product is evolving. Your sales process changes. Your marketing strategy and tactics are changing. Your competitors are consistently changing. And your buyers’ needs and wants are changing. To get to the top and stay on top, you must have a mechanism in place to monitor your current strengths and weaknesses.

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Easy Sample Management

TruVoice sample management tools simplify the complex task of adding, tracking, and managing potential candidates—or sample—for your win loss analysis program and eliminate the headache and hassles of trying to manage this part of the win loss analysis process with other ad-hoc tools or spreadsheets. Integration with means capturing all the sample information you need for every win and loss in three clicks or less.

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Primary Intelligence has integrated our win loss analysis technology into the framework of’s award-winning SFA tool. Sales personnel using can access real-time competitive intelligence as it is gathered from your buyers’ feedback. Improve your sales team’s ability to compete by providing real-time answers in to the most important competitive questions.

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Complete Transparency

Primary Intelligence provides 100% transparency into the progress of your intelligence program; a window into every step of our processes and methodologies. Using TruVoice, you can instantly check on which interviews have been scheduled, which contacts are declining and why, and what kind of response rate the program is achieving. This allows for dynamic management of the program rather than needing to “wait and see” what the results are.

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Secure Data

Your data is 100% secure with Primary Intelligence and TruVoice. TruVoice features a rights-based management system that provides the ability to restrict key software features by user or groups of users. Data security is further enhanced with profile-based rights giving our clients the ability to restrict specific buyer interviews from being viewed by specific users or groups of users.

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Dedicated Expert Team

The world’s most experienced and passionate win loss analysis experts and innovators make up the people available to you and your team at Primary Intelligence. Dedicated consultants, analysts, editors, transcribers, and schedulers are your Primary Intelligence win loss analysis team. This team ensures that your program is implemented correctly, runs smoothly, and creates the results you need.

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Complete Scalability

Primary Intelligence has the resources, the technology, the methodology, the framework, and the personnel to tackle any sized program. Whether you want ten interviews or two thousand, we have you covered. We can have your win loss analysis program up and running within weeks regardless of the size of the program.

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